Marine Casualty and Accident Investigation

The purpose of carrying out Marine Casualty and Accident Investigation is to:

  • Ascertain the cause of damage
  • To ensure similar incidents do not occur in future
  • To rectify the system by addition to existing norms in order to eliminate or reduce the risk of similar mishaps occurring
  • The investigation is by no means meant to blame an individual or a group for the incident occurred

Our team of technical and nautical experts are very well versed in carrying out accident investigation. Over the years we have carried out MCI on behalf of Flag States, charterers, owners and P&I clubs.

We are able to interpret raw data received from AIS, ECDIS, VDR & VTS and analyse the reality of the situation as a part of our investigation. We have in the past gathered information regarding the incident and the circumstances by personally interviewing the crew and other personnel involved.

We conduct inspection and re-inspection of the property in question suffering a loss; examine, inquire, investigate, verify and check upon the causes and the circumstances of the loss in question including extent of loss, nature of ownership and insurable interest.

The MCI surveyor will estimate, measure and determine the quantum and description of the subject under loss.

Our experts would advise the insurer and the insured about loss minimisation, loss control, security and safety measures, wherever appropriate to avoid further losses.

Our in-house detailed report will be comprehensive in terms of description of background, the incident and everything there is to know regarding the incident and the vessel.

We are approved by Panama Maritime Authority, LISCR and Barbados to carry out Marine Accident Investigation on their flagged vessels.

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