Naval Architecture and maritime Consultancy

UK Marine’s technical personnel provide state-of-the-art maritime consultancy services. We have experts providing consultancy services in areas of naval architecture, marine engineering, offshore engineering and all other maritime operations.

Ship Repairs

Project management and consultancy services regarding ship repair works required on any vessel under operation or detained. We provide technical support for all kinds of damage and maintenance repair work. A dedicated naval architect project manager will be provided as a part of our naval architectural consultancy services.

New Build

We provide comprehensive project management for new builds as well as for refits and conversions. Our project management services would include new build supervision, attending pre-contract meetings, negotiations, dispute settlements, technical support regarding specs for machinery and equipment. Our technical personnel will attend the sea trials and incline tests as a part of new build project management services.

Ship Designing

UK Marine provides complete design solution for new build projects. Our design solution includes preparation of all ship statutory documents, plans and manuals.

Our ship designing team develops Initial Design and Concept Design for shipbuilding projects. We also offer 3-Dimensional modeling services for hull and piping systems.

Generation and Digitalization of Vessel Drawing Plans

Our team of surveyors and draughts persons carry out a thorough survey and inspection of the subject vessel to develop drawings and plans from scratch which would be required for classification purpose. In case of refitting or vessel modification we would be capable of modifying the existing vessel drawings.

Dead Weight, Light Ship Surveys and Incline Tests

We carry out the above independently and provide our comprehensive report including all calculations for the required services.

Verification Services

  • Plan verification of lifting operations and other high risk / value operations.
  • We also provide verification of plans prior to building, repair or conversion.
  • Management and consultancy for carrying out load testing of all types of lifting appliances, ladders, gangways and loose gears.

other expertise

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