Marine Warranty

With the wealth of experience UK Marine possesses, we have been the preferred acting Marine Warranty Surveyors for high risk oil and gas operations in India and the Middle East.

We are an established safety service provider, and have extensive experience in carrying out safety surveys and have knowledge about regulatory guidelines with operational and technical expertise related to transport, construction, commissioning and decommissioning.

UK Marine's strategically located base on the west coast of India makes it very convenient for us to reach out to locations where oil and gas activities are carried out - South East Asia, Far East and the Middle East.

Our Master Mariners, Engineers and Naval Architects are perfectly suited to perform independent third party technical review and approval of high risk marine construction and marine transportation project operations from planning stages through to the physical execution.

Our warranty team typically carries out:

  • Document reviews
  • Suitability surveys
  • Vessel validation surveys
  • Safe manning and crew approval
  • Approval of towage, load outs, heavy lifts and installations.

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